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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky

I found this location and just could not wait to take pictures there. While I was waiting on this great family to get there so we could take their family pictures, I was informed that there is a fee to use this location of $500!!!!!! I just about fell over from a heart attack. This place is gorgeous, but not for $500. I asked her if we could just take a few pics here and there on the grounds. After much begging, she said that she would act like she did not see us. Well, we took advantage of that and snuck all around the grounds. It is a Gorgeous place!!!

After taking pictures of these precious girls, I was excited to take their family pictures! It started out like all of my am sessions this time of the year, chilly! With blankets and jackets in tow, we tried to find the warm sunny spots and we were in luck! By the time we were finished, we were getting warmed up. It was a blast getting to capture this family! They are wonderful people!!!!!

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