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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Awesome Giveaway

Photogs always have the opportunity to participate in great giveaways!! We have some of the absolute best contacts and resources out there!!! I just love being able to share them with fellow photogs and friends.

Here is a great giveaway for all the photogs out there or those of you that are just learning the ropes.

Paint the Moon Actions & Textures is giving away a $75 gift certificate at!

I will tell you that when I first started out, I had the mentality that I did not need actions because I could do all that work and it did not cost me a penny to do it. Well, I did find out that my time is worth so much more!!! What would take me lots of time to do, I can now do with just the click of a butting and a little tweeking!! My editing time has been drastically reduced thanks to actions! I so appreciate the talent of those that create the actions and share them with us!!!!!

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