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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Senior Sneaks - Round 9

Poor Mr. CJ!! You thought I didn't like you :) I didn't forget about you.

You are super fun. Started off the session rooting for the Rangers!! Boy, you sure were hiding a great smile. It was good to finally see you lose the tough cowboy facade and show that smile. I know your momma is proud of you. Just to hear your story and to hear the things that you are doing with your life, would make any momma proud.

You were so excited when I talked about props and you being able to use your truck. Then you show up with that FORD! I just had to give you a hard time about it. Granted, I am still a Chevy, chick, but sometimes a truck is a TRUCK!!! If it runs and gets the job done, then it is a TRUCK!

It was a pleasure meeting you. Keep on doing what you are doing CJ!!! And SMILE!

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