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Monday, September 6, 2010

Caught in the weather

When this beautiful friend of mine asked me to take her family pictures, I was delighted. She has passed her beauty on to her kids!!!!! It took a couple of reschedules to get everyone's schedule to match up. One off in college, two in high school, and a little princess, makes gathering all at the same time hard, but we got it accomplished :)

We got to Trinity Park and not long after we got started, the wind kicked up and the clouds rolled in. It sprinkled on us enough to make us stop. I was so bummed. We decided to run over to the Botanic Gardens to wait it out and try some pictures there as well. The weather decided to cooperate a little and we got some great shots before dark!

Little Ms. EG was so super spunky and cute. I hope to spend some one on one time with this little princess to capture more of that personality!!!

Thank you my dear friend!!! I love you bunches.....

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