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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time to catch up

I used to work with this beautiful couple! Well, I worked with them before they were a couple! It is amazing at how time can bring two people together when you least expect it. I have not ever seen smiles like this on either of their faces and the absolute joy and love between them is just wonderful to be around. I really wanted to sneak their precious angel into my camera bag when I left, but I figured they would know she was missing!

It was so much fun getting to catch up on their lives and hear the stories of changes in the office. I do miss that J-O-B, but wouldn't give up the one I have to go back if I had to!! I am so glad that I got to catch up with the two of you and meet precious M. I look forward to watching her grow up and hopefully getting to spend more time with ya'll! Dinner guys!!!!!

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