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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Baby

I just love the way babies smell! They have that aroma about them that just makes them snuggly sweet.

I had the opportunity to enjoy that smell with a precious baby boy! Baby N was only 15 days old and just the sweetest thing. He was sleeping sound when I got there, by the time I was set up and ready to go, he was wide awake! I was able to capture some open eye shots of him before it was time for him to eat. Just when we thought we had him rocked back to sleep, that little stinker was up again. Those little eyes would pop open at me, and I would smile from ear to ear.

Boy did I have fun, though, when he was out! His mommy sat and watched us play. I know the feeling of relaxation when they are that little and someone else has them for even the smallest amount of time!

Thank you for letting me capture baby N! I look forward to watching him grow over the next year.

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