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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Senior Sneaks - Round 6

I am still laughing at the expression on Miss D's face when she walked outside after changing clothes. She had on her Cowboy's jersey and a pair of orange Longhorn's shorts!!! She forgot her jeans!!!! I felt so bad for her. It didn't help that she was not feeling good anyways. I did not let that ruin the rest of our session! I made due and we just rolled with it. You can't even tell that she was in totally not matching shorts!

Oh she was full of fun session surprises. Her dress shoes were too big and she just about twisted her ankle walking down the hill. We laughed the whole time!!! I just love her personality. You would have never guessed she was sick. Keep up the great spirits no matter what! It is a wonderful quality to have!!

Miss D, I hope that you found your jeans and exchanged your shoes!!! Good luck sweetheart!! Oh, and tell your boyfriend that I said thanks again for being your chair in the back of the truck! What a trooper :)

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