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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Princess Callicott

I had the joy of visiting with a dear old friend of mine during this session! It had been 8 years, we decided, since we had seen each other. Gosh, time just passes by so fast and if you are not careful you miss out on so many friendships and memories.

This sweet friend of mine has had two daughters during that 8 years. I had the privilege of being able to capture some pictures of her newest princess. She was soo sweet and just a bundle of joy. There is just something about the babies that sends my heart into orbit! Thank goodness I can not have anymore or I would have a house FULL of them!

I will have to say that this session was a huge learning session for me. I did not have a sitter for my princess so she went with me. MISTAKE! Oh the jealousy was so funny but so difficult to shoot with. On top of that, my camera was not cooperating with me. Upgrade, here I come!

All in all I had a blast, got to love on this precious princess, and most of all got to catch up with a friend that I have missed for 8 years. Oh, and I was able to capture some super sweet shots!

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